MSTA 2019-2020 Board of Directors Results

At the annual meeting, members voted on a new Board and voting opened for adoption of the amended and received By-Laws and Articles of Incorporation.  Before the meeting every member should have received a email with instructions for voting on the By-Laws and Articles of Incorporation electronically.  If you haven't voted, please take a few moments to vote electronically.  If you don't see the email from MSTA in your in-box, please check your junk folder.  Voting runs through the end of September.  If you have any questions about the changes, please email

And your new Board for 2019-2020 is below:

Jenn Longmeyer-Wood
Cam Donelson 
Jeremy Dusina
Amy Ellis 
Rich Sargent 
Nick Laszlo 
Mark Frantz 
Andrea Hofelich
Ximena Bryce
Diane Curry
Caleb Miller
Rebecca Wissler 
Jennifer Jeannot
Mark Murphy 
Daniel Costello 

If you have any comments or suggestions for the new Board, please email us at