Swimmers of the Meet Week 7/1/2019-7/6/2019

“Swimmers of the Meet” vs Overlee

The energy never stops when it comes to Sofia Ellis. Sofia is constantly bouncing around, laughing, and smiling from ear to ear. Over the course of this season, she has become one of our fastest 8 and unders, and has dropped nearly 5 whole seconds in her 25 freestyle since Time Trials. She is an absolute joy to coach in practice, and her happy-go-lucky personality is adored by all. Keep having fun and keep swimming fast, Sofia!


Luke has been on the Marlins for so long that no one really knows if he's 17 or 35 years old. During Saturday morning A-Meets, you can always find Luke spinning the best tracks in his personal DJ booth. Whether it be Pep Rallies, Pancake Breakfasts, or poolside snacks you always know that Luke is going to have something cooked up for everyone to try. All in all, Luke is our Marlin "Renaissance Man," and the team just wouldn't be the same without him. On Monday night, Swim Ninja tracked Luke as he hiked to District Taco and back prior to swimming his 50 free. Despite gaining some time after chomping down a burrito, Luke's excursion demonstrates exactly what summer swim should be: carefree and fun. Thanks for keeping the true Marlin Spirit alive, Luke!